Doctoral defense

Doctoral defense of Salvatore Pillitteri

Salvatore Pillitteri will defend his doctoral dissertation on 17 December 2021 at 2.00 pm in room 02, building B37.

The defense will also be accessible via TEAMS through this link:


His thesis is entitled "Mélanges et compaction d'assemblages granulaires" and was supervised by Pr. Nicolas Vandewalle (GRASP) in the framework of the PowderReg project (Interreg VA Grande Région).



A granular pile submitted to a vibration or a series of shakes increases its packing fraction. This phenomenon, called compaction, can be used to densify granular materials or as a measurement method to characterize the flow properties of a powder. This method is also popular in the pharmaceutical industry because of its ease of use. Although the phenomenon of compaction has been studied for a long time, it remains poorly understood and most of models describing its dynamics are empirical. This thesis focuses on compaction and the impact of parameters like the conditions of vibration and the granulometry of the granular medium on this phenomenon.



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