A publication in International Journal of Pharmaceutics

Engineering of inhalation powders by spray drying : at the border between chemical engineering, physics and pharmacy

The Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy (LTPB- Prof. Brigitte Evrard - Dr. Anna Lechanteur), the Group of Research and Applications in Statistical Physics (GRASP- Prof. Nicolas Vandewalle - Prof. Geoffroy Lumay - Dr. Luisa Orozco) and the Products, Environment, and Processes Laboratory (PEPs - Prof. Angélique Léonard - Dr. Erwan Plougonven), all three from the University of Liège, have collaborated thanks to a financial support of the Walloon Region (Win2Wal 2018).

After 2 years of intense collaboration, results of the research have been recently published in International Journal of Pharmaceutics. In this paper, authors explained the impact of excipients nature and drying parameters on the physico-chemical properties of inhaled powders. This research demonstrates the interest of such fruitful collaboration between researchers having different expertises.


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